An allergy can be not only very annoying but also dangerous to our health and life, and this involves not only food allergies but also skin allergies. Since the beginning of Eccolenka – Soap Manufactory, we would like to not only produce soaps, but also help. That is why all our products are natural products that can be successfully used by people who have an allergy. Soaps for allergy sufferers are the answer to more and more polluted everyday cosmetics, which we can buy in the shop. It is no secret that such products contain more and more chemicals every year. Allergy sufferers should not use such cosmetics, but soaps for allergy sufferers will be most welcome. You can buy soaps for allergy sufferers in our shop that do not cause allergies. Please read the product description carefully to make sure that the natural ingredients of the soap do not cause skin irritation. If you need some specific soap for allergy sufferers, Eccolenka can do the job. On our fanpage you will find posts from people who have been helped by our soaps to fight skin diseases.  We encourage you to browse the entries.