Intensive lotion indicated to weak hair with a tendency to fall out.
Formulated with CAPILEXYDIL ®, a glycoprotein complex with cellular metabolism stimulating action.
Helps to regenerate the scalp.
Provides strength and nourishment to hair. Parabens free.

A hair with an improved structure.

Capilexydil: modified glycoprotein complex (essential amino acids) obtained from plants that act by stimulating strong growth of the hair follicle cells.
Reef Algae or Coralline Officinalis: A weed or reef plant impregnated calcium that accumulates minerals and trace elements in its structure.
It acts as a stimulant and cell activator. It gives tone to the hair and a correct and balanced pH, especially in hair that is washed frequently or improperly.
Menthol: obtained by extraction of the Japanese peppermint, it posses refreshing, anti-itching and antiseptic properties. It is a stimulant of blood circulation.
Panthenol or Pro Vitamin B5: Provides elasticity to the skin tissue and gives flexibility to the hair.
Plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.
Octopirox: Anti fungal and anti microbial that acts to preserve the scalp. Prevents hair loss caused by microbial agents.