Hair lotion with royal jelly, keratin and active derivatives of soy plants that help to prevent hair loss.
Royal jelly, rich in vitamins (E, A, B1, B2, B3, B6), carbohydrates, trace elements, minerals, amino acids and proteins help to nourish the hair bulb.
Soy plant active derivatives, the source of peptides, amino acids and minerals, ensure direct input of nutrients to the cells that stimulate oxygen consumption and reactivate the cellular metabolism, thus reinforcing hair directly from the bulb, improving its strength and offering a healthier look in stressed and lifeless hair.

How to Use:
Shake the flask before usage.
Apply 2 ml of lotion onto dry or damp scalp.
Distribute with gentle massage movements. Do not rinse.
Do not wash hair at least 4 hours after lotion application. Apply daily.
The minimum recommended application term is 3 months.
Avoid contact with eyes, if product spills immediately rinse abundantly with plenty of lukewarm water.
Size 150ml

“DSD de Luxe” is a trademark of DSDPHARM S.L.