Soap with colloidal gold 120g


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Soap composition

  • glycerol
  • Coalid gold
  • honey
  • Shea butter
  • cocoa butter
  • coconut butter

8 in stock



Coalid soap and its properties have been known to humanity for centuries. Already in ancient times it was believed in its therapeutic power and used for health purposes. Microscopic gold particles hanging in demineralised water stimulate collagen production, therefore they reduce wrinkles and delay the skin ageing process. They are also helpful in case of dry, irritated or allergic skin. In the fight against skin discolorations and acne skin care, because it cleanses and acts antibacterial, moisturizes dry skin in case of irritations, allergies, rash, eczema or mycosis. It is suitable for treatment of wounds and inflammations, healing of scars and burns.


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