Delicate face and body soap. Recommended for intimate hygiene, especially in case of ailments such as: discharge, mycosis and inflammation of intimate areas. It perfectly soothes all skin irritations and redness (also after childbirth). The soap is based on ingredients of natural origin, which give it a number of health-promoting properties.

How does soap work
? supports the treatment of skin after burns, wounds, ulcers
? has antibacterial and antiviral properties
? accelerates wound healing
? perfectly moisturizes and nourishes
? relieves inflammation
? prevents skin aging,
? regenerates, cares for and influences the correct condition of collagen
? seals and makes the blood vessels more flexible
? reduces discoloration

? Coconut oil – moisturizes, regenerates
? Shea butter – soothes irritations, moisturizes, protects the skin against moisture loss
? Olive pomace oil – deeply moisturizes, regenerates skin cells, refreshes, oils and smoothes wrinkles.
? Lye (distilled water, NaOH*)
? Castor oil – has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, moisturizes
? Honey – accelerates wound healing, has an anti-wrinkle effect, adds healthy color to the skin
? Yellow clay – nourishes, oxygenates the skin, regenerates and makes it more flexible, gently cleanses keratinized epidermis, accelerates wound healing.