Soap with pink clay 200g


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Soap composition

  • pink clay
  • glycerine
  • cocoa butter
  • Vitamin E
  • argon oil
  • honey

10 in stock



Soap made of pink clay recommended for delicate, sensitive and allergic skin. Ideal for children and infants. Pink clay is a perfect combination of red and white clay. It is full of beneficial microelements, which perfectly affect the condition of the skin. Silicon, calcium, iron, sodium and potassium make the skin look healthy and radiant. Pink clay works in case of serious skin diseases, scarring problems and uneven skin structure. It is recommended for people who have problems with blackheads, discolorations or scars. The cosmetic disinfects, tones and smoothes the skin in a natural way. Applied pink clay allows to achieve the effect of relaxed and rested skin. Thanks to this, the soap is suitable for people with very sensitive and irritated skin. The use of pink clay is also recommended for allergy sufferers, holders of atopic skin and people suffering from various dermatological diseases.

Properties: in a gentle way disinfects and tones the skin healer, regenerates, fights blackheads and discolorations, alleviates the problems of sensitive and atopic skin, smoothes and even out the structure of the epidermis.


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