soap with activated carbon 200g


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Soap composition

  • activated carbon
  • glycerine
  • vitamin E
  • ricin

8 in stock



Soap with activated carbon for oily skin and skin with acne. Activated carbon used in the soap has bactericidal, cleansing and astringent properties. Carbon in the form of soap can effectively cleanse the skin, remove impurities, excess fat and toxins. Carbon also cleanses pores, improves skin tone and even out discolorations. This is due to its adsorption ability. Carbon is the strongest natural adsorbent. The cosmetic properties of activated carbon can be talked about for hours, but it is best to try it on your own skin. Nowadays, activated carbon works best as a soap for acne and combination skin care and cleansing. Remember, however, that in order for carbon to reveal its properties, it must remain on the skin for at least 3 minutes.



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