Red Rhassoul clay soap 240g


Soap composition
  • Rhassoul red clay
  • glycerine
  • shea butter
  • argon oil
  • almond oil


Red Rhassoul clay soap has been used for centuries (also called Ghassoul), whose only known deposits are found in Morocco. There, in the 12th century, Bedouins used it primarily for washing the face and body, as well as hair. Today, its properties are appreciated in dermatology and cosmetology. Thanks to the richness of minerals, including magnesium, silicon, potassium, calcium, iron, aluminium, copper, lithium and zinc, this clay work well in the care of sensitive skin prone to allergies, as well as oily and acne. Remove dead cells and refresh the skin, also counteract its drying and flaking. Besides, they have a matting effect and regulate the secretion of sebum. They also help fight stretch marks and cellulite.


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