I encourage you to buy a product extremely rich in vitamins, microelements and macroelements, protein, lipids including such important phytosterols (heart protection). The combination of honey with milk and pollen is often called a vitamin and honey complex, especially recommended for people exhausted from physical and mental work, active athletes, young people and children in the period of intensive growth, the elderly (quicker recovery).Additionally, the vitamin and honey complex has been enriched with a propolis tincture. Propolis is a substance obtained by bees, widely appreciated for its strong antibacterial properties. Propolis is also effective against fungi and viruses (studies have confirmed that it fights EVERY influenza virus!) with the addition of buckwheat honey.During the many days of gentle mixing of the honey, a product with the consistency of butter is obtained. Honey in the process of mixing retains all its nutritional values, and the addition of royal jelly, pollen and propolis enriches the composition of honey. The product obtained in this way obtains the structure of a wonderfully yellow syrup.
Composition: propolis, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, spirit.
Expiry date from opening 6 months. The syrup should be kept in the fridge. Shake before use .
Dose 3 times a day 1 teaspoon. Do not apply to children.
Very strong spirit-based syrup .