The candlelighting of the ears is carried out with the power of tube-shaped candles, which usually have a diameter of 8.5 minimeters. The candles should be made according to original Indian recipes and based on ingredients of natural origin, such as: cotton fibre, wax. The combination of the various products and the quantity in the mixture is of great importance. For the treatment you should prepare ear candles, tissues, a dish of water, cotton sticks and massage oil. The ears should start with a healthier ear.The process starts with rubbing off parts of the ear and ear canal with a cosmetic stick with oil. Gently massage the area around the ear. Then light one candle and place it in the inlet of the ear canal. The candle can only be removed when it burns into the marked area. It is absolutely essential to keep the ear candles upright and not put them too deep into the ear, as there is a risk that the plastic part of the candle will remain in the ear. When the candle is pulled out, it should be dipped into a pot of water. Repeat for the other ear. After the procedure, stay lying down, relax and rehydrate the body. Conching the ear is a very relaxing and pleasant procedure. The treatment should be repeated four to six times, at intervals of three to seven days. Contraindications for the procedure include purulent leakage from the ear, damaged eardrum, damaged external auditory canal, cancer changes within the head, allergy to beekeeping products, use of fixed hearing aids and implants. The procedure is best performed just before bedtime, as it is not advisable to leave the house immediately after. Special care should be taken not to overcool your ears.


Ears candling Effects

Ears candling abounds in many fantastic effects. The treatment reduces tinnitus, headaches and chronic fatigue. Containing the ears has a positive effect on stress and has a relaxing effect. It also significantly improves your mood, calms and helps to achieve harmony and peace. Moreover, the treatment stimulates life energy.


Ear candles For whom

The treatment is recommended for people who complain about frequently occurring tinnitus. People who suffer from severe migraines and constant headaches should also choose to shine their ears. The treatment is also useful for stressed people who need to relax and calm down.