Skin care set for capillary skin


Ingredients  :
  • 🍁chestnut oil
  • 🍁ground chestnuts
  • 🍁ground almonds
  • 🍁white clay
  • 🍁almond oil
  • 🍁lavender
  • 🍁vitamin a, d, e, c
  • 🍁hyaluronic acid
  • 🍁vegetable collagen


A set for skin requiring immediate calming and at the same time long-term strengthening of vascular and agitated skin. It provides long-lasting comfort, proper hydration and desired soothing.

🍀Chestnut Soap 200g
🍀Chestnut peeling mask 100g
🍀Chestnut cream 50ml

This kit can help reduce the appearance of bursting blood vessels, as well as calm redness associated with this. Facial redness occurs due to blood vessels dilating when exposed to external factors such as temperature changes, alcohol, spicy foods and smoking. The natural skin brightening agents included in this kit help to promote an even complexion.


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