Rose Face Lotion spray strengthens the skin, improves its condition and rejuvenates it. It refreshes the skin and, when used on make-up, gives it a natural finish. As a result, the skin is moisturised, strengthened, unified and visibly rejuvenated. The formula of the rose face lotion consists of rose water and hyaluronic acid. Rose water tones and restores natural pH, calms redness and strengthens blood vessels. Hyaluronic acid ensures proper hydration and smoothing. Additionally, it soothes, brings comfort and gently tightens the skin.

Thanks to the spray, direct application to the face of Evree Rose Facial Toner contributes to a more efficient penetration of nutrients into the skin, and the very pleasant fragrance undoubtedly makes the application more pleasant.

The most valuable part of the rose is its fruit, rich in vitamin C, bioflavonoids and vitamins B1, B2, E, A and K. It should be remembered, however, that rose petals have cosmetic properties, soften and smooth the skin, have an antiseptic effect, regenerate the epidermis, strengthen the vessels, lighten discolourations, slow down the skin aging process, soothe and soothe irritation, reduce swelling, even skin tone. Rose petals and the oil extracted from them also have exceptional aromatherapy properties. The scent of roses is very relaxing, helps soothe the nerves and relieves the feeling of tension and stress.