Concentrated jojoba oil is obtained by cold pressing of jojoba seeds
? The oil is moisturising and its waxiness gives it protective properties, whether applied to the skin or hair. The oil is suitable for most skin types, is quite easily absorbed and leaves a silky finish on the skin.
? Jojoba is one of the most useful oils for aromatherapy because it is rare in its chemical structure and very similar to human sebum, making it a perfect match for the wax/oil secreted by human skin and hair and is good at imitating skin collagen.
? The high vitamin E content gives the oil natural, antioxidant properties, which are beneficial for its anti-aging and protective properties for the skin.
? The high content of antioxidants also creates a natural preservative, giving the oil a long shelf life.
? Other vitamins in the oil – B1 and B2 and B6 – promote cell production and strengthen the immune system, with B2 also having antioxidant properties. Vitamin B6 supports the functioning of the nervous system and brain.
? Jojoba oil is an excellent ingredient in preparations for eczema, psoriasis and acne and adds moisturising, nourishing and protective properties to each product.

Typical applications: Skin care products such as moisturising creams, lotions and lotions; shampoo, conditioner, hair oil; massage mixtures.