Relaxing balm with 20 % magnesium 500ml


Composition :
shea butter
coconut butter
cocoa butter
mango butter
slightly aleosic
avocado butter
marigold oil
hemp oil
20% magnesium


For each purchased spray of magnesium oliva balm as a gift
Relax your skin and muscles with magnesium balm

✓ Contains magnesium, melatonin and active sulphur MSM;
✓ For a smooth and supple skin;
✓ Perfect for everyday use and after training;
✓ Vegan product, not tested on animals
✓ Fresh, pleasant fragrance

Ingredients specially selected for your well-being. Magnesium chloride from
The Zechstein Sea. The bottom of this ancient sea now lies at a depth of 2000 m. Therefore, it has remained untouched by pollution and perfectly clean. Magnesium contained in the lotion is absorbed through the skin. In combination with melatonin and biologically active sulfur MSM and shea butter and hemp oil, it provides exceptional skin care. The skin is refreshed, soft and supple.

The balm has a light texture and a delicate orange scent, and is suitable for daily use for relaxation and massage. Used as a balm, it revitalizes the skin and provides an additional dose of moisture. Ideal for use after physical effort.

For skin care use on the entire skin surface.
For a relaxing effect after work, exercise, massage the lotion and feel exceptional relaxation.
? NOTE: avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
Store at room temperature.Do not expose to high temperature. The energizing lotion gives the impression of tingling, burning or pinching or reddening of skin. All effects will disappear after 2 minutes. This is the effect of magnesium, do not apply to wounds and cuts. The best effect is given by using the balm in the morning.


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