Regenerating foot cream with fresh rosemary scent 120ml


Composition :
πŸ€ moncznik 40%
πŸ€ Apricot oil
πŸ€ Shea butter
πŸ€ Coconut butter
πŸ€ Marigold oil
πŸ€ Butter with avocado
πŸ€ Aloe Vera juice
πŸ€ Rosemary oil
πŸ€ Mint oil
πŸ€ Eucalyptus oil
πŸ€ Mint oil


Rosemary Foot Cream
πŸ€ regenerating foot cream with a fresh scent of rosemary for daily care of dry and damaged skin.
πŸ€ Intensively and deeply moisturizes, lubricates and softens horny, cracked epidermis.
πŸ€ The cream contains plant extracts of aloe vera and birch, which soothe irritation, have antibacterial and antifungal properties.
πŸ€ restores the proper moisture level to cracked skin.
πŸ€ effectively eliminates keratoses, thickening, imprints and soothes irritation and redness
πŸ€ intensively regenerates rough, damaged skin
πŸ€ has an immediate smoothing effect
πŸ€ with regular use, it allows the skin of your feet to regain a healthy appearance


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