Manuka nail oil against
? mycosis,
? psoriasis
? onycholysis of nails

Product description
Pure 100% Manuka tree oil from New Zealand is an exceptionally strong antiseptic. Its action is estimated to be five times stronger than that of penicillin, it has antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It is an ideal protection for people suffering from diabetes who have problems with wound healing.

Use of oil
– mycosis of the skin and nails,
– bedsores,
– skin diseases, skin inflammation,
– herpes,
– ulcers,
– difficult to heal wounds,
– cuts, burns, burns,
– inflammation of external genitals,
– seborrhea,
– respiratory infections,
– rheumatic pains,
– Forced muscles, bone, muscle and joint pains,
– nervous tensions, disorders of nervous system functions,
– preventing insect infections and bites.
– inflammation of external genitals

The action shown has only 100% pure Manuka oil produced in New Zealand. All kinds of oils which contain additional substances do not have such rich properties.