Ointment with 80 % magnesium for rheumatism and muscle pains 100g


Composition :
? Magnesium 80%
? Cocoa butter 10%
? Coconut butter 10%


Blunt injuries such as:
? contusions,
? twisting,
? muscle, tendon and joint tensions,
? arthritis of the joints, spine, knees and shoulders,
? extra-articular rheumatism (pains in the sacro-lumbar region, lesions in soft periarticular tissues (inflammation of the smear trachea, tendons, sinews, joint capsules),
? hypercondylitis.

Magnesium ointment has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Applied topically, it is absorbed through the skin and accumulates in inflammatory tissues.
Application on the skin reduces the risk of severe pain. Apply 3 times a day directly on the aching areas of the body, without wounds and abrasions. The ointment may cause 30 seconds of tingling.


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