The properties of chestnuts are due to their active ingredients, which include :
Escine, esculin, flavonoids (among others extremely valuable quercetin), catechin tannins, carotenoids, organic acids, coumarins. Additionally, chestnut extract contains starch sugars, sterols and other mineral compounds. All the above mentioned ingredients show extremely beneficial effects – mainly on varicose veins and venous insufficiency.
Their best known effects are :
strengthen blood vessels
improve blood flow
activate the blood supply to the internal organs
help in the treatment of antithrombotic vein inflammation
treat haematomas, frostbites, bruises and tendonitis
improve oxygenation of brain cells
alleviate digestive disorders
chestnut extract has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, astringent and antithrombotic properties.

The main indications for using chestnut ointment are:

red veins
growing and increasingly visible spiders
perceptible veins (both on calves and thighs)
swelling and swelling, pain
feeling of heavy legs
In addition, chestnut ointment for varicose veins should be used prophylactically – especially by people whose genetic factors and individual predispositions play a major role.

80% hand-made chestnut oil
10% Shea butter
10% cocoa butter