Composition :
100% natural ingredients
?️ True comfrey
?️ Juniperus communis
?️ Horse chestnut,
?️ arnica,
?️ Pine trees,
?️ The fir tree,
?️ Chilli extract,
?️ Cinnamon,
?️ Camphor
?️ Marigold,
?️ The common thyme,
?️ Peppermint,
?️ Lavender,
?️ Rosemary
?️ Ginkgo Biloba,
?️ Grapefruit extract

?️ With muscles under strain
?️ Nagging leg pain, joint pain, joint capsules as well as knee, shoulder and muscle pain indicated for spinal pain, sciatica, rheumatoid pain (even in advanced stages) and arthritic pain.
?️ Helps with sprains, strains and bruises.
?️ Accelerates recovery from sports or work related injuries
?️ Has a warming effect and helps to quickly regenerate muscles and joints.
?️ Helps with stressed muscles, reduces acidity, indispensable for injuries and contusions.
?️ In case of a cold, the balm rubbed into the back, knees, spine, elbows, shoulders, wrists or feet is effectively warming up, bringing relief.

A massage after a hot bath brings excellent results. Open pores and a gentle “warm-up effect” help to better transfer precious extracts into the skin. Warming up ointment is an invaluable addition during the massage as it improves circulation.
Herbs combined in this lotion mutually reinforce each other to help with joint, spinal and sciatic pains.  The ointment also works well as a warming agent before physical exertion, because application of the preparation before sport warms up the muscles and prepares them for more intensive action.

⛔ Warning :

Designed for external use, protect eyes. Intense redness is natural and a sign of desired blood supply.