Chaulmoogra oil ointment is a salvation for skin problems: psoriasis, mycosis, eczema, bacterial acne. The ointment contains 5 natural products: Chaulmoogra oil, Karite butter, Tamanu oil and Neem oil and beeswax. It does not contain any chemical additives.

What properties does chaulmoogra ointment have? Thanks to the chaulmoogra oil, it has a beneficial effect on skin affected by psoriasis, eczema or mycosis. It is also recommended for acne and contaminated skin. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, soothing itching and irritation. It prevents excessive sebum production. The oil also has a caring effect – it smoothes and softens the skin, prevents inflammation. This oil not only improves the appearance of the skin, but also soothes arthritis and rheumatism. Chaulmoogra oil is extracted from the evergreen tree of the family Achariaceae. Chaulmoogra oil has a yellow, slightly brown colour and a specific, exotic smell, similar to that of slightly rancid butter. It was used as a cure for, among other things, leprosy over a thousand years ago. Tamanu oil is not very popular in European culture – the saints of triumph in Asia. Tamanu oil supports the anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and moisturizing effect of the ointment. Karite butter accelerates the absorption of chaulmoogra oil into the skin, it is a kind of cellular binder. Neem oil, thanks to its disinfecting and bactericidal properties, inhibits multiplication of bacteria and extends the durability of the ointment.

Application: The preparation is applied directly on the affected areas of the skin. The frequency of application depends on our needs.
For external use only.