Olive oil cream with ozone for problematic skin 30ml



  • 🫒 olive oil
  • 🫒 vitamin E,A,D
  • 🫒 botanical butters
  • 🫒 shea butter
  • 🫒 mango
  • 🫒 cocoa
  • 🫒 avocado
  • 🫒 coconut
  • 🫒 ozone


Olive oil and ozone cream for problematic, dry and sensitive skin. The cream soothes irritated skin by restoring its natural lipid barrier and protecting it against adverse external factors. It provides long-lasting hydration and reduces the roughness of the epidermis. Thanks to its antioxidant properties it slows down the ageing processes, ensuring proper elasticity and shallowing of wrinkles.

Innovative in cosmetics, the combination of the highest quality olive oil (extra virgin) with active ozone improves metabolism in skin cells and circulation, thus accelerating and intensifying oxygen absorption by the skin. When the skin is more oxygenated it is healthier and ages more slowly. By binding ozone with the highest quality olive oil, a preparation of natural origin, beneficial for the skin, is obtained. Thanks to its oily form, the unique properties of active ozone easily penetrate the skin and have a moisturising, antibacterial, greasing and protective effect.  It contributes to smoothing wrinkles, improving skin elasticity and hydration.
Ozone is also used in the treatment of
hyperhidrosis of the feet,
cellulite and in the therapy of “diabetic foot”.
atopic dermatitis


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