? lady’s mantle , cherry and marigold oil face cream has a pleasant, relaxing scent of rose oil and is 100% natural. It intensively moisturises, nourishes and regenerates the skin. Recommended for dehydrated, capillary and tired skin and with acne rosacea. It has an intensive moisturising and revitalising effect. It restores vitality and elasticity of tired, dehydrated and dehydrated skin, improves its tension, takes care of an appropriate level of hydration and slows down the ageing processes.
? Thanks to the properties of macadamia and jojoba oils and coconut butter, it protects the skin from adverse effects of external factors and dehydration. Marigold oil neutralizes free radicals and ensures that the skin looks young and radiant. The cherry oil provides valuable nutrients and is responsible for skin regeneration.
? Action:
improves skin elasticity and moisturizes
regenerates and revitalizes tired, gray skin
delays the ageing process
protects against external factors
? Advantages:
100% natural ingredients based on infusion and Tropic oil
contains rose macerate
recommended for daily skin care
contains no ingredients of petrochemical origin
contains no silicones
? Composition :
Cherry seed oil
Tropic oil
Coconut oil
Rose oil
Marigold oil
Macerate from the Tropic
Rose Macerate
Hyaluronic acid
Macadamia oil
Jojoba oil
? Attention!
The creams are made fresh and live from natural raw materials, no preservatives or other chemical additives are added. The creams should be stored up to 20 degrees. Please use the cream with clean sticks. Any contamination in the cream may cause the cream to spoil before its expiry date.