?All the herbal extracts together with the herbal oils are produced by me?

This lightweight lime cream for the skin with the first wrinkles, helps to renew the skin’s external lipid barrier, supports the natural microflora and healthy pH level and provides effective protection of the cell’s DNA.
The pro-active micro-emulsion with a unique blend of natural lime blossom extracts and butter provides a combination of hydration and protection.
The contained oat germ oil is known for its high vitamin E content and is the most effective oil for premature skin ageing.
Jojoba oil has a strong antioxidant effect and in combination with almond oil and shea butter it effectively protects the skin from impurities, nourishes it and keeps it soft and supple.
Linden oil contains organically bound silicon, which contributes to the metabolism of elastin and keratin and together with highly moisturising hyaluronic acid significantly contributes to the restoration of skin structure and firmness. It supports the metabolism and regeneration of the skin, visibly raises and maintains a fresh, bright and youthful appearance.