☘️ The perfect solution for falling out hair. Using fenugreek padding regularly on your hair will quickly show results. Hair will stop greasing, the scalp will flake and itch and the hair will look better and thicken. Fenugreek has the effects of choline, lecithin, vitamins A, B and C, phospholipids and elements as well as iron, silicon, magnesium, selenium and potassium.

Recommendations for use of fenugreek :
☘️ for falling out hair
☘️ for hair growth
☘️ on oily scalp
☘️ for dry and itchy skin
☘️ for dandruffy hair
☘️ for shiny and healthy hair
☘️ for hair in case of premature graying
☘️ for damaged hair
☘️ as a hair conditioner
☘️ to give your hair a natural shine
☘️ for soft, unweighted and fine hair
☘️ for dry hair
☘️ for curly hair care