Oil and ozone lip balm 20ml


  • 🫒 olive oil
  • 🫒 vitamin a,d,e
  • 🫒 beeswax
  • 🫒 shea butter
  • 🫒 ozone



Regenerating and moisturising lip balm nourishes and cares for the delicate lip skin, while deeply moisturising it and protecting it against moisture loss. Thanks to ozone and a high content of olive oil, shea butter and beeswax, the balm effectively regenerates even very dry, irritated and cracked lip skin, bringing it relief and soothing. Regular use of the balm will give your lips a velvety smoothness and softness.

Plant-based active ingredients:
Olive Oil – intensely moisturises and nourishes
Shea butter – regenerates and soothes irritations
Ozone – moisturises and regenerates, nourishes and soothes irritations, makes the skin supple and smooth, strengthens and protects dry skin, prevents cracking of lips


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