Ground pearl cream antiseptic and anti-inflammatory 50g


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Cream composition

  • ground pearl
  • cocoa butter
  • avocado butter
  • coconut butter
  • Shea butter

2 in stock



100% natural pearl powder contains bioactive calcium, 18 amino acids and 18 trace elements to rejuvenate the skin. It activates metabolic processes in skin cells, improves blood circulation, nourishes and moisturizes, smoothes wrinkles, brightens discolorations. It makes the skin fresh, firm and elastic. Pearl powder is valued for its care properties, improves skin metabolism, has an anti-wrinkle effect, regenerates, strengthens the elasticity and tension of the skin, heals and acts antiseptically on minor skin damage and pimples, soothes, absorbs excess sebum, matt skin, reduces the visibility of fine wrinkles and pores of the skin, smoothes, brightens and revives the color, does not cause clogging of pores, softens facial features. Used in traditional Chinese medicine.
Recommended for all skin types regardless of age.
Ingredients: ground pearl, cocoa butter, avocado butter, coconut butter, shea butter


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