Andrea oil to grow and strengthen hair.


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Oil composition

  • ginger
  • ginseng
  • smartweed root
  • grape seed extract
  • loca festival

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Andrea oil is designed for women and men as well. It rebuilds damaged hair, regenerates and stimulates growth. It slows down hair loss and reduces fragility of hair giving it a thick look and long life.
Application – we have several variants of using Andrea oil.
Add half a bottle of Andrea to the whole bottle of shampoo, mix and wash hair with it.
Apply directly to wet, shampooed hair and massage head, rinse after 2 minutes.
Apply a few drops of oil to the hand or directly to washed hair, massage, wait 2 minutes and rinse.
Use 3 drops of Andrea oil for every 100 ml of shampoo. You can stir before use, you can measure and pour into the shampoo bottle the right amount of oil.
Action: The purpose of Andrea oil is to strengthen and stimulate hair growth. Brittle and thin hair will become strong and thick, and in some cases there will be signs of baby hair, i.e. the bulbs will become active and cause new hair to grow.





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