There is no room in our soap factory for products whose origin is somehow unclear. We like natural products, products that are not only for everyday use, but above all products that help you take care of your skin in a natural, healthy way. During several years of operation of Eccolenka – Soap Manufactory we have gained a group of regular clients for whom our soaps turned out to be the best product we have ever met on the market. Natural products are not only healthy, but for many people – the only ones they can use. Allergy sufferers can order and use Eccolenka soaps without any problems, we use only natural ingredients for soap production. The composition of the soap is always precisely described in the label. The natural soaps we make are hand-made. It is not the assembly line production. Our natural soaps are a unique product which will be a great gift for someone and also a great product for those who prefer a healthy lifestyle.