When simple solutions

 are at your fingertips

Eccolenka is a story that began many years ago, in a rather unpleasant way with a skin disease. Finding and testing ingredients that do not irritate, for many years was the driving force to create a product that I can use myself, and I will share it with other people affected by similar skin problems. While creating the Eccolenka brand, I also wanted these products to be unique, to serve both people who are struggling with skin conditions, and even a beautiful addition to life, for each of us.

Soaps offered in the Eccolenka store are always the highest quality products, attention to every detail, as well as vast experience. Each soap we create is a careful process and thoughtful steps. Eccolenka is a unique product for exceptional people, a natural product that impresses with its fragrance, attracts with its consistency, and falls in love with variations. My soap making workshop turned out to be a simple solution that was at my fingertips. Today, I share all of this with you.

Best wishes. Magda.

Oh, no, no!

Not all revenues are consumed …

Eccolenka is not only a great love of nature and respect for plants. It is primarily a love for animals, especially those defenceless, who have no one to count on. For many years we have been trying to help, for those vulnerable animals. Our help is not limited only to financial support. We regularly visit shelters where we help to build new animal houses or clean existing ones. It is worth promoting. Animals can only count on us.

We have dreams …, we believe that:

By implementing the Eccolenka project in the future, we will be able to build a beautiful place where many animals will find shelter for themselves. We believe that on our way there will be people who, like us, have empathy and together with us will create better conditions for animals around the world. With small gratuities, we are planning to build a foundation that will help pet animals in Polish shelters. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Thank you.

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