Our online shop is a place where you can buy luxury, handmade soap which we make from natural ingredients. Thanks to this, our products are ideal for people with skin conditions. Eccolenka soaps are also an excellent gift idea as well as brilliant decorative addition for every bathroom. Please familiarise yourself with the offer.

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Eccolenka is a story that began many years ago in a rather unplesant way with a skin disease. Finding and testing ingredients that do not cause irritation, for many years was the driving force behind creating a product thath would help mem treat my sensitive skin and help others affected by skin problems. Creating Eccolenka brand at the same time i wanted these products to be unique not only for people who are struggling with skin conditions but also a beautiful addition to life for each of us.

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Soaps created in Eccolenka are first of all natural and healthy products. That positively affect the skin while washing and protecting it. Fall in love with the hand-made eccolenka soaps, where we use the best components that help in the daily care of your body. Our products not only greatly replace traditional soap but also look great on your bathrooom shelf. Each soap is clearly described here, you will definitely find something for yourself.

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